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Our Story


BioMed Molecular Diagnostics has been set up for the advancement of healthcare in Dhaka Bangladesh. The setup has all the advanced molecular diagnostic tools for personalized medicine with cutting-edge laboratory technologies in obtaining correct diagnosis for correct treatment. By working with experienced clinicians through multiple medical disciplines, we are committed to providing you with outstanding service.


BioMed Molecular Diagnostics will bring advanced healthcare to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education and research.

BioMed has the setup with the state of art technologies and equipment and facilities matched with US-based standards, maintaining the utmost objectivity, integrity and the highest standard of quality.


1. Ensure equal care to all and provide service of excellence.

2. Systematize and Standardize healthcare plans for everyone.

3. Empower individuals to manage health in a manner that are cost effective, essential for a better quality of life.

4. International standard treatment based on correct diagnosis with the application of advanced diagnostic tools. We revolutionize the current practice of medicine with ethics, commitment with the utmost of human dignity.

5. Multidisciplinary approach to clinical care. Establish a culture of cooperation between a different branch of medicine that will enable patient to complete the treatment within the country.

We hope cooperation and collaboration from any healthcare providers from anywhere in the world

Everyday Healthcare.

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