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Message From CEO

Please take a few minutes to read this document in which we have tried to summarize all the information that may be useful for the advancement of the healthcare system in Bangladesh that is essential to our patients and their families and friends.

The Salima Institute for Cancer and Cell Therapy (SIFCACT) and Biomed Diagnostics seeks to achieve excellence in the arena of Personalized Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Molecular Diagnosis of diseases with the application of molecular diagnostics tools. Emphasis is given to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment through the development of Clinical Scientific Research as well as organizational innovation with a continued focus on the quality of services to the patients.

This brochure reflects our efforts to put into practice the principle and values that guide and inspire us in our daily work.

We will be glad to provide any information you may require.

Kindest Regards

Dr. Tasnim Ara


Laboratory Medicine Consultant


Everyday Healthcare.

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